his book looks at the stock market methods of Benjamin Graham, John Burr Williams, Warren Buffett, Robert Wiese, Joel Greenblatt, James Tobin, William O'Neill, Maynard Keynes, James Ohlson, Bruce Greenwald, Kenneth Lee, Robert Haugen and others.
The valuation methods include net current asset value, discounted cash flow (DCF), dividend discount, payback, magic formula, residual income, CANSLIM, q-theory, PEG and PEGY ratio, benchmark, option valuation, expected return and many others.
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Valuesoft Investment System

Confused over which method, or collection of methods, you want to use to analyze and value investments? Valuesoft is a complete collection of over 30 functions for Excel designed specifically to allow you to implement and compare the broadest possible range of approaches.

Once you have decided on the method or combination of methods you want to use, the spreadsheet can be saved. Then data from other companies can be analyzed using the same approach.

Benefits of Valuesoft

With Valuesoft, all investors from novices to experienced professionals can

  • Implement and compare valuation methods in a consistent setting in Excel
  • Use methods individually or combined
  • Combine Valuesoft functions with the usual Excel functions
  • Understand the practicalities of each method from the extensive manual
  • Print the pdf manual as a handy reference
  • Automatically access key information on individual functions from within Excel
  • Trial methods and functions that are unique to Valuesoft
  • Compare and contrast different valuations of the same company
  • Use free data from the internet or purchase databases
  • Compare, sort and rank the companies when using data on multiple companies
  • Test and implement all the methods described in The Conscious Investor
  • Discover by experience the strengths and weaknesses described in The Conscious Investor

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If you are interested in purchasing Valuesoft, please see the contact details.
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